Celebrating the Launch of Great Lakes DataStream - from Niagara Falls to Quebec City!

November 23, 2022

Overall, the two events were a great opportunity to celebrate the launch of our fourth regional hub with many of the people and organizations who have worked with us to make it all possible. We look forward to continue expanding Great Lakes DataStream so that information about our shared freshwaters is open and accessible to everyone.

water flowing over Niagara Falls --- l'eau qui coule sur les chutes du Niagara

Great Lakes DataStream launch

Help us celebrate the official launch of Great Lakes DataStream at the Great Lakes Public Forum! 

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A RivTemp member installing a temperature logger in a river

RivTemp: Tracking temperatures for the sake of salmon

Today, Atlantic salmon are in hot water — literally and figuratively. Climate change and deforestation are raising the temperature of many watersheds in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. And that’s bad news for these cold-blooded creatures that already face a slew of other pressures. 

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Summer landscape of the water and autumn coloured trees

Smart Great Lakes Initiative wants your feedback

Smart technologies have great potential to improve our understanding, management, and use of the Great Lakes.

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