Our mission is to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration so our waters remain healthy for generations to come

Great Lakes DataStream is an open access platform for sharing information on freshwater health. It brings together water quality datasets collected by monitoring groups throughout the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Basin.

Evolution and Growth

DataStream was first piloted in the Mackenzie Basin through a unique collaboration between The Gordon Foundation and the Government of the Northwest Territories, Mackenzie DataStream’s Founding Partner. Today, Mackenzie DataStream is integral to the delivery of the Northwest Territories Water Strategy. The success of DataStream throughout the Mackenzie Basin has allowed this model to be expanded to Atlantic Canada, the Lake Winnipeg Basin, the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence region, and the Pacific region.

In 2020, DataStream received its own charitable status, and The Gordon Foundation remains committed to supporting its long-term success. The vision is for DataStream to become a pan-Canadian platform with regional hubs across the country to support local needs.